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Shanina "Nina" Shumate, M.S. 

Career Wellness from the inside out

Coaching, Yoga & Esthetics

Skincare & Waxing Services 

will be available in the 

Summer 2019



Refresher Facial (30 min.) - $55

A quick pampering facial; cleanse, moisturize and sun protection

Pressure Point Facial (30 min) - $55

Gentle yet firm pressure on specific points along the face to relieve stress.

Signature Facial (50 min.) - $75

A relaxing facial; skin analysis, deep cleanse, extractions, shoulder and head massage, moisturize and sun protection

Hydrating Facial - (50 min) - $75

A hydrating facial includes deep cleanse, exfoliant, shoulder and head massage and hydrating masque to relieve stress. Moisturize and sun protection

Pomegranate Treatment (50 min.) - $85

Enzymes power away dirt & pollutants leaving the skin glowing; cleanse, mask and sun protection. Includes High Frequency

Vitamin C Facial (50 min.) - $85

Anti-aging facial, perfect for sun damaged skin, Vitamin C infusion treatment brightens & tightens; massage, mask and sun protection.

Includes LED Light Therapy

Hot Stones Facial (50 min) $95

Warm smooth stones are used to gently massage the face, neck, and decollete. Includes Pressure Point Massage

Skincare Add-ons

$15 each

LED Light Therapy -Anti-aging

High Frequency - Acne

Hot Stones (face or body) - Warm smooth stone used for relaxation (Most know one hours before the start of service)

Skin Scrubber - Exfoliating

Pressure Point Massage- Relieves Stress 

Therapeutic Body Treatments

Reflexology: Hands, Feet, and/or Neck only (30 min) - $55

Alternative application of pressure to the feet, neck, head and/or hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.

Back Treatment (30 min) - $55

Back Treatment with Pressure Point (50 min) - $85

Hot Stone Back Treatment (50 min) - $85

Signature Facial with Back (90 min) - $125

Back Treatment: Clarifies and soften the skin of the back and provides deep cleansing and hydration.


Chemical Peels are recommended in a series of three, followed with a series of three healing facials.

All chemical peel treatments require a patch test at least 24 hours before service is performed.If you are using a prescription medication such as Retin A, Renova, Accutane, Sotret, Amnesteem or Clarivis, please let us know!

Lira Glycolic 30% (50 min.) - $85

Good for fading acne and dark spots, deep clean pores, helps smooth rough skin, stimulates collagen production, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Recommended series of 6 - $510

(Purchase 5 @ $425 and receive the 6th session for free) 


Full Makeup Application (50 min) - $55

Offers you step-by-step details, as well as their favorite makeup tips so you can recreate your look at home for any occasion: Career, interview, daytime, evening, costuming and more.

Eye Lashes - Coming Soon

Artificial Individuals (Temporary lashes)

Volume Set

Full Set

Waxing tips

- Do not wax if you have tanned within 24 hrs.

- Please allow at least 1/4" hair growth before waxing.

- Do not wax on sunburned skin.

- Do not wax if you are using Accutane or Retin A.

- Stop use of AHAs, glycolic, exfoliators, or salicylic acid 3 days prior to and after waxing.

- Absolutely NO waxing on open sores or lesions.

Body Waxing

Half Arm - starting at $25

Full Arm - starting at $35

Full Back - starting at $50

Lower Back - starting at $15

Mid Back - starting at $20

Upper Back - starting at $20

Shoulder - starting at $20

Lower Legs -starting at $30

Upper Legs- starting at $35

Full Leg - starting at $60

Chest (strip) - starting at $15

Full Chest - starting at $25

Full Stomach - starting at $25

Stomach (strip) - starting at $15

Tops of hands or feet - starting at $15

Underarms - starting at $20

Full Bikini - starting at $35

Bikini Line - starting at $30

Brazilian - starting at $45

Buttocks - starting at $25

Buttocks (strip) - starting at $25


Lip, Chin, Hairline - starting at $12 each

Nose, Ear - starting at $10 each

Face (Lip, brow, chin, and cheek) - starting at $45

Side burns - starting at $10

Neck - starting at $10

Lip - starting at $10

Chin - starting at $10

Cheeks - starting at $10

Eyebrows (no shape/arch) - starting at $15